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You think you’ve seen it all before? No way, beauty is everywhere! This is exactly why I travel to places that the majority have never heard of. With my eye, I let millions see what would otherwise remain hidden from them. Of course, it’s not easy to get to such places. And it’s just as well, because otherwise they wouldn’t be anything special.

Although I have a home, I don’t stay long in one spot. Because to be able to show others my perspective, I must be like the wind: sometimes here, sometimes there, everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This is not just my job, it’s my life. I strap on my camera bag and continue my eternal journey: to a new place, to a new picture, in a new day.
I setup my tripod, take out my camera and select my lens. A twitch of my finger and the moment is immortalized. Click. When was the last person here before me? It doesn’t matter, because I’ve made it here and now the entire human race can come. Without having to hike for hours across tricky terrain.
My pictures are taken. There’s nothing to keep me here now. I have to move on, ever further because behind these boulders, in the shadow of that hill on the other side of the river, the next wonder waits to be discovered by me and photographed. My camera disappears in the bag like an anchor in a ship. I strap on my camera bag and I’m on my way again. was created to allow photographers to share their experiences with others. Amateur and professional photographers are rewarded by advertising revenue generated from this site for uploading their photo locations. These photographers receive 50% of the ad revenue generated by their photos. Ad revenue is residual and paid monthly. To become an advertising contributor select the Affiliates tab located in the top right hand corner of your screen.