Metrics That Matter


Advertising studies have shown placing ads based on page content rather than consumer’s search history increases ad interaction rates.  When a consumer searches for a specific item that search follows the consumer from site to site.  What happens if the consumer had a positive outcome and purchased the item?  And how do you reach consumers that have their search history turned off or those consumers who block ads with software? The answer is simple, imbed the ad in the site’s page.  By imbedding the ad in the site’s page the three metrics that lead to consumer attention are covered:

Time In-View

Average length of time the ad is in-view.


User purposely interacts with the ad.

Interaction Time

Average length of time the ad is interacted with by the user.


Attention is the new currency for brand advertising

Nielsen Data says the average American is exposed to 1600 ads per day.


Even in simple cases capturing someone’s attention is difficult.  The digital media awareness test has shown when information increase, attention decreases.

On the internet consumers process ads differently based on the consumers viewing experience, size of the ad, placement of the ad and content on the internet site.


Selling to those not looking to be sold

Time In-View + Interaction Rate = Consumer Attention.

ProPhotoSpots Advertising Stats
  ProPhotoSpots Ad Interaction Rate is 18% with a 100% Ad Time In-View Rate.

ProPhotoSpots averages 15,000 ad clicks per month.

No cost-per-click. ProPhotoSpots charges a flat advertising fee per year.
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